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LOXOWO help JiaoDong Rice harvest, Field covered

As the saying goes: spring sowing a grain of millet, autumn harvest million. October 27, is a sunny good weather. Blue sky and white clouds, yellow and white rice field into a film spread, a group of black starling in the fields of ups and downs. In the middle of the cornfield, the harvester ran along a fixed path, where the two wheels ran over a deep depression, with dark gray soil on the ground. Harvesters, the farmers wearing straw hat, visual front, the golden wave of rice in the Jiaodong Peninsula, rolling over the fields of the township, one school harvest scene.

In the rice fields, the reporter saw his own field is busy in the Zheng Weimin. Zheng Weimin rice cultivation has been more than 20 years, planting rice for him is very much at home, but because of excessive use of chemical fertilizer in recent years, not only did not increase production but decreased year after year, which can worry about the rice has been bad for Zheng Weimin . No fertilizer, what can be used, rice production by what? Almost every day has become a must for Zheng Weimin question.

This year the spring, Zheng Weimin unable to move into the local agricultural shops, their problems told the agricultural capital store owner, introduced by the owner of the agricultural capital selected Luo Wang Wang foliar fertilizer, in order to verify the effect of Luo Wang leaf fertilizer The use of results, Zheng Weimin deliberately left a small piece of rice is not spraying. In the whole growth process of rice, Zheng Weimin respectively in the seedling stage, flowering stage and the filling stage of spraying three times Luo Wang Wang foliar fertilizer, rice growth in the late, Zheng Weimin pleasantly surprised to find that spraying over Luo Wang rice grains Uniform, grain full, and not sprayed Luo Wang effect of the rice produced significant differences.

Today, the golden rice crushed straw, but also to Zheng Weimin's heart encrusted with a heavy joy. Zheng Weimin said excitedly, Luo effect Wang foliar fertilizer can really replace the use of fertilizer, be sure to share the good news to the neighbors, so that everyone can get a bumper harvest!