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Technical information

Application of LOXOWO Fertilizer in Fruit and Vegetable Crops

 In spring Fruit trees generally only fertilizer once every year;

Topdressing: deciduous fruit trees see the young fruit in the flowers, the fruit set fruit, the amount of fertilizer required to crop size and sub-early, middle and late varieties to determine the number of spraying, with "Luo Wang liquid fertilizer" 40-80 g Duishui 15 Kg interval of 7-15 days spraying 3-5 times, evergreen leaves of fruit trees should be before flowering, with "Luo effect Wang liquid fertilizer" 40 grams of water 15 kg spraying time (all the annual reduction of 40-50% of fertilizer use ).

     Fruit Picking Fertilizer: annual fruit picking 15 days after the deciduous, with "Luo Wang liquid fertilizer" 40-80 grams of water 15 kg spraying time, is the most important year after the winter fertilizer.