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Magical Fertilizer LOXOWO Corn Yiled Test

"Winter wheat cover three-layer quilt, next year pillow bread to sleep" This proverb has been praised, but from Hebei Province, Handan City, Qiu Xian Zhang Donglin has a different view. "Heavy snow for the wheat yield is only played a supporting role, the most important thing is to choose fertilizer!" Zhang Donglin seriously told reporters.

In July 2014, Zhang Donglin to listen to agricultural capital store owner introduced Luo effect Wang foliar fertilizer can replace the root top dressing, they bought two bottles in their own acres of cotton field bold experiment, cotton throughout the growing season only sprayed Luo effect Wang leaf fertilizer will be up to 700 kg of seed cotton production. The winter of 2014, out of the trust of the Luo effect, Zhang Donglin in their own wheat experiments, the growth of wheat in the process without the application of other fertilizers, combined with weeding, treatment of aphids, the use of the treatment of midge four times, growing unexpected it is good!

According to Zhang Donglin introduced at the seedling stage of wheat seedling spray Luo effect Wang leaf fertilizer can enhance drought resistance, disease resistance, frost resistance, to speed up the development of rhizomes and leaves. During the turnering, jointing, flowering, and filling stages, the effect of foliar fertilizer was to promote the differentiation of spikelets, increase the number of spikelets, increase grain weight, and improve the quality of wheat.

"Wheat harvest season, the nearby villagers spontaneously organize observation group to Zhang Donglin wheat field visit, said that growing up than with two bags of carbon ammonia wheat even better! Wheat grain is full, the real output per mu yield 982 catties, yield effect is called oral Neighbors close friends and relatives say, this foliar fertilizer is so magical, next year I do not top dressing, and follow the high-tech go, save money and effort and high yield, really the people of the gospel! "Zhang Donglin happy face told reporters.
Winter wheat coincides with the growing season, when a reporter asked Zhang Donglin this year will also choose Luo Wang Wang foliar fertilizer, the Zhang Donglin firm told reporters, not only in wheat, but also in all crops to use! And to Luo Luo Wang effect of such a magical effect of foliage to tell relatives and friends around, so that everyone can use a good product!