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Cabbage spray LuoXiaoWang fertilizer, nearly 20,000 kg yield per mu!



Huanan town autumn cabbage are harvest, in the village of cabbage land, growers are busy picking vegetables, loading, a busy scene.
As the saying goes: Baicai as cabbage, cabbage to its light sweet and become a frequent visitor on the table, especially in the Northeast, autumn is a large number of cabbage harvest, storage season. In the town of East Liu Village, the cabbage cultivation area is 3.3 hectares, these green cabbage is about to market, sell a good price for the vegetable.

Dongliucun near the county seat, convenient transportation, many farmers have many years of experience in cabbage cultivation, Lin Haitao home is a large local cabbage cultivation, due to pay attention to scientific cultivation, planted cabbage quality, taste good, high nutritional value, the surrounding vegetable wholesale Business, pickles plant initiative to come to purchase every year.
"My cabbage this year has been signed with the pickled vegetable factory orders, 3 cents per kilo 2. This year's benefits are the best cabbage cultivation in recent years, cabbage larger, the smallest also more than 4 kg it, than before The benefits of corn and soybeans better. "Lin Haitao's face hung with the joy of harvest. When a reporter asked the reason, Lin Haitao smiled and told reporters that people are now stressing the city's green agricultural products, fertilizer in previous years, the cabbage is not only bad taste and pollution, the city people are reluctant to buy, repeatedly caused cabbage unsalable . Watching his hard cabbage destroyed, he began to change fertilization pay attention to scientific cultivation.

Last year, Lin Haitao listened to the neighbors introduced Luo Wang Wang foliage fertilizer, said to be green planting, easy high yield, bought a box to try. In the growth of Chinese cabbage is not the case of chemical fertilizers sprayed three times the king of leaf effect Luo effect, the results to Lin Haitao surprise! Spraying Luo Wang, a large color of fresh cabbage, taste good, a listing will be sold and empty!

So, this year, Lin Haitao increase investment in all the cabbage are sprayed with the effect of Luo Wang Leaf, Lin Haitao to reporters calculations, his family can produce one hectare of 90,000 kilograms of cabbage, orders per Kg 0.32 yuan acquisition, remove the cost of inputs per hectare to obtain a net benefit of 23,000 yuan, his home more than 3 hectares, net income of nearly 70,000 yuan. Because the benefits than the kind of good field, next year he would like to expand the area, but also led the surrounding villagers to use Luo effect Wang to achieve "green planting, easy high yield"