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Potatoes spray LOXOWO, Increase production nearly 1000 RMB per mu!

Suihua City, North River District Town JinHe Village Hu jinxiang  is the local potato growers, he planted 200 acres of potatoes this year. Due to the large number of cultivation, fertilizer demand is also much, for yield, Hu Junxiang may not spend less effort. Occasionally, Hu Junxiang in the agricultural shop to listen to Luo effect Wang dealer details to her introduction Luo effect Wang liquid fertilizer, Hu Junxiang decided to own 200 acres of potatoes.

Base fertilizer in the foot base, Hu Junxiang sprayed a total of 3 times the effect of Wang Fei liquid fertilizer. Seedling period of one acre of land with 1000 times spraying two bags, promote root and strong seedlings, improve plant disease resistance; 500 times of tuberous period spraying two bags, promote stems and leaves growth, improve the rate; in potato rapid growth period And then 500 times spraying two bags, to promote potato growth, increase production. According to the introduction of Hu Junxiang, potatoes in the first spraying Luo effect queen, growing very different, the neighbors did not spray Luo Xiao Wang's leaf yellow, and Hu Junxiang sprayed over the king of potatoes, stems, leaves Bright green, flowering number, the result is high, regardless of distance or near to see are very gratifying. To receive planing, the potato block is very smooth, taller, quality is very good, can be listed in advance 15 days. And the effect is not sprayed Luo Wang liquid fertilizer compared to sell more than 0.5 yuan per kilogram, mu yield of more than 6000 kilograms of acres of nearly thousand dollars.

   Hu Junxiang excited told reporters that planting potatoes for some years, and used a lot of foliar spraying of fertilizer, but so many years has never been used as the king of liquid fertilizer effect of this excellent effect of disease resistance, increase production is very obvious good product!