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Technical information

HE SHENG WANG Composite Microbial Fertilizer



 Effective Viable Bacteria≧0.20milion/g Organic matter20.0%;

This product adopts the high-tech compound microbial fertilizer developed by microbial peptide flora and chelated NPK [poly-nucleus] production technology. It contains a large amount of nitrogen fixation, dissolving phosphorus, potassium dissolving active bacteria, high active enzyme preparation, peptide colony group, Chelated NPK and rich organic matter. After used it,This product can quickly promote the growth of plant roots, improve soil physical and chemical properties, enhance soil fertility, water, disease resistance, effectively improve the utilization of fertilizer, thereby reducing the amount of fertilizer application. Long-term use, a fundamental solution to soil compaction, salt, pesticide residues and other environmental pollution problems. This fertilizer is rich in a large number of beneficial microbial bacteria, it can inhibit the growth of harmful pathogens in the soil , reduce pests and diseases, reduce cropping caused by repeated cropping obstacles.