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Six knacks of how best to use microbial fertilizer

Microbial fertilizer is based on organic matter, mixing bacteria and inorganic fertilizer together. It can enhance soil activity and fertilizer efficiency, improve crop yield and promote the development of modern ecological agriculture. Under the premise of without pollution and reduceing environmental pollution. In order to improve the utilization of microbial fertilizer, you can proceed from the following six aspects.

1.You should comprehensive understand the basic information of microbial fertilizer , such as the production date, shelf life, application, application methods and others. If you are not use immediately after buying it, you have to follow the instructions for storage, pay attention to light, ventilation and dry.

2.You should understand the main use of micro-organisms in microbial fertilizer and applicable crops. Such as rhizobia fertilizer for leguminous crops, as nodding, nitrogen fixation agent; phosphate bacteria fertilizer can be converted to the soil phosphorus of available phosphorus and inorganic phosphorus in soil.

3.You should master the application time and application technology. It can be used to "early, near, uniform," the three words to sum up, that is, the application time to catch up early. Generally as a base fertilizer, seed fertilizer and seedling fertilizer to use; During fertilization,need closer for the crop roots and seedlings and seed fertilizer need to mix well.

4.Using with the organic fertilizer at the same time to increase the fertilizer effect.

5.After fertilization,you should immediately cover soil of it, so as not to be direct of sunlight, avoiding the micro-organisms were killed so that cause to reduced its utilization.

6.It's not suitable be mixed with fertilizers, fungicides pesticide, which will inhibit the microbial growth in the microbial fertilizer, and even kill the micro-organisms, thus affecting the fertilization effect.