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Enterprise News

Licensing Ceremony For The Development Of Brazilin Market

July 7, 2017, LOXOWO company and the Brazilian partner Vincente officially signed a cooperation agreement, authorized Mr. Vincente for LOXOWO group and Brazil general manager of operations center, responsible for the Luo Xiao Wang product promotion, sales and promotion work.

The Chairman board of LOXOWO Group Li Longwei said that in the future development, Vincente will serve as the only designated licensee of the LOXOWO Group in Brazil, solely responsible for the publicity, sales and promotion work of LOXOWO products in Brazilian market. Our company will do a good job of in LOXOWO product sales planning rely on the advantages of technological development for the Brazilian market, we will ensure to make adequate preparations for supplying the products timely for the development of the Brazilian market. China and Brazilian will from time to time on the cooperation of the project to exchange visits, comprehensive planning cooperation matters, the establishment of regular communication mechanism to promote the implementation of specific projects.

With the development of LOXOWO Brazil market, not only can optimize the product structure and upgrade, enhance the management level and the competitiveness of the domestic market, with a strong scientific and technological advantages to dominate the domestic and foreign markets, enhance the company at home and abroad Brand awareness, open a new era of overseas sales!