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July,15th 2018, 59 foreign experts and agricultural entrepreneurs from 13 countries, inculding Lesotho,Palestine and North Korea,Laos and so on, came to visit LOXOWO group and made great comments on the company and products, and generated great willingness to cooperate!This team accompanied by Cheng Yingguo, the director of the International Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Agriculture, and the deputy director Sun Zhao, together with Wang Shiliang, deputy head of the Shaoling District, visited LOXOWO group to learns effective methods for soil management of fertilizers integrated with water and fertilizer.

Visiting the LOXOWO automation production workshop

The agricultural experts and the team visited the LOXOWO automation production workshop, the green production workshop and the 100,000-level purification workshop , to understand the technical and production process of the green fertilizer. During the visit, the agricultural experts kept raising their thumbs and expressed their high recognition for the water-soluble fertilizer and advanced fertilization concept.

Subsequently, Cheng Yingguo, director of the International Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Agriculture, delivered a speech. Cheng Yingguo said that the main purpose of 59 foreign agricultural experts in 13 countries is to observe the promotion of agricultural technology for soil and fertilizer, and learn an effective method about fertilizer and soil management for water and fertilizer integration. The Ministry of Agriculture selected a total of three key enterprises in Henan provience to visit, and LOXOWO is one of them. LOXOWO products use advanced biotechnology to fundamentally solve problems such as soil pollution and crop deficiency. The fertilization method of water and fertilizer integration has exerted great influence in China in recent years, and it is very remarkable in China and even in the world. I hope in the future development, LOXOWO will continue to increase research and development efforts to produce more high-quality green fertilizers and contribute to green and efficient agriculture.


Finally, Chen Shilin, general manager of HENAN LUOXIAOWANG IMPORT & EXPORT TRADE CO.,LTD., introduced to the LOXOWO international business development for agricultural experts. Mr.Chen said that as a professional production and processing enterprise of organic fertilizer, water-soluble fertilizer and compound microbial fertilizer, LOXOWO is favored by foreign merchants with the advantages of saving time, effort and money. Our company has successfully registered in Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture and established cooperative relationships with Turkey, Myanmar, Egypt and Zambia,Mali and other African countries and so on. I believe that in the future development, the footsteps of LOXOWO will surely spread all over the world, let the people of the world fall in love with China Madeing!

Foreign agricultural experts accepted interviews with TV stations