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Microbial Agents-fertilizer

Products:Microbial Agents-fertilizer【YOU WANG】 Microbial Bacteria Liquid
【YOU WANG】 Microbial Bacteria Liquid

YOU WANG Microbial Bacteria

Organic nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium

and polynucleic acid bio - Sustained release factor

Effective Strains Name: Azotobacter

Effective number of live bacteria ≧ 2.0 million / mL

Product Introduction:

1.[Nuclear fusion] factor continue decompose and supply quality nutrients,powerful,Lasting effect.

2.Adjust the soil, enhance the ability of resistance tolerance(drought,High and low temperature,Waterlogging), Anti cropping.

3.Strengthen the absorption of crop trace elements and mineral, improve the crop quality, income effect is extremely significant.

Using method:

1.Fruits and vegetables and high-yield cash crops flush,Drip irrigation: 1: 100 diluted with water,Uniform flush or drip irrigation in the plant roots,10-15 days used once,2-3kg per mu.

2.Fruit trees Irrigate root: digging part of the soil around the trees, watering with100-fold diluent, than cover with soil. 10-15 days irrigate once.


1.The product has lots of bio-active enzyme,so it can not be used with antiseptic. Seal the package after opening.

2.A small amount of precipitation is nutrients, please shake it before using.

3.2.Avoid direct sunlight.