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Grass and flowers Fertilizer

Products:Grass and flowers FertilizerAILIN-[HUA WU SHENG YAN]Organic Ecological Nutrients
AILIN-[HUA WU SHENG YAN]Organic Ecological Nutrients


AILIN-[HUA WU SHENG YAN] Organic Ecological Nutrients: [spraying type]

Organic Matter≧20.0%  N+P2O5+K2O=350g/L;

Product Introduction:

This product adopt national invention technology patents, as the core of microbial biological conversion , implanted into the powerful biological factors developed from the new city horticultural green nutrition. Nutrient comprehensive, can be quickly absorbed by plant roots, stems and leaves, greatly improve the survival rate of transplanting, soil pests and diseases have a strong control effect, widely used in landscaping projects, Flowers and trees planting, lawn planting and other fields.

Product Function:

1. After Foliar spraying, promote green leaves, extend the flowering growth time.

2. Improving the growth of garden flowers, promote garden flowers and trees restore strong vitality.

3.Resist pest and disease,and protect environment, shorten the time of rehabilitation of flowers and trees, promote root growth, greatly improve the survival rate of transplanting.

Using method:

1, Diluted 500-1000 times, take a bottle cap (about 30 grams) watered 15-30 kg.

2, First spraying positive and negative leaves ,just wet is appropriate, and then to irrigate until the soil around the plant fully wet.

3, It will be the best effect once using every 7-14 days , seedling stage is recommended by 1000-fold dilution.