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Macroelement fertilizer

Products:Macroelement fertilizerMacroelement water solble fertilizer LOXOWO
Macroelement water solble fertilizer LOXOWO

Macroelement water solble fertilizer LOXOWO:

Full water solube fertilizer is made of pure imported raw materials,Collecting excellent flora of Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Microbial, using LOXOWO unique high activity Chelating biotechnology,Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium,acid humic, also rich in a variety of trace elements, anti-viral factors. 


Product function:

1.This product rich in nitrogen、phosphorus、potassium and much water-soluble organic nutrition essence(plant protein),supply more nutrition,good absorption,quick effective,achieve the real and quick absorption of fruits and vegetables.
2.Strong root activity.Plant protein can promote root activity and root hair growth,Increase the surface area of the root,and improve the ability of root nutrient uptake, promote absorb nutrients.

3.Increase chlorophyll content,promote photosynthesis,Promote the formation of proteins and sugars,and increase production.
4.Adjust soil structure,Anti-cold and Resistant drought,conservat soil moisture.After the Water-soluble plant protein,organic matter and others are decomposited by microbial,loosen the soil,enhanced breathability, and promote the formation of soil aggregate structure,increase soil fertility.