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Biological Organic Fertilizer

Products:Biological Organic FertilizerTALIDO Biological organic fertilizer[efficiency]
TALIDO Biological organic fertilizer[efficiency]

Biological organic fertilizer[efficiency]:

This product uses the newest creative advanced science and technology,take the micro ecology biotransformation as core, merges the strong effect factor,implants the strong high-activity biology enzyme,stimulates the activeness of vegetable cell, inducts activity of the fine gene, resists the invade of any kind of disease, the power is strong and lasting, the fertilizer effectiveness may do help to the next crops.

The main features:

1.Strong and long-lasting effect:Using the product can improve the readily availability of inorganic fertilizer and highly reactive effect of organic fertilizer and highly reactive effect of bio-fertilizer. The product contains various active enzymes. Cellulolytic enzyme can accelerate decomposition of soil organic matter, and release various nutrients, such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. Because of the mighty function of the nutrients and photosynthesis, the utilization rate of fertilizer was significantly raised.

2. Reduce the incidence of pests and diseases; Resist Successive Crop; Improve soil environment. The product can effectively restraint the hatching of pests eggs; efficiently control plant diseases, such as root rot and blight; resist successive crop; efficiently degradate agricultural chemicals residue.

3.Eliminates hardens,loosen soil,to exempt the deep plowing:The products has the good function of ion-exchange and adjusting the PH value of the soil to improve soil structure,get special effect such as ventilation,keep fertilizer,keep water,heat preservation,drought resistant,cold resistant,exempt the deep plowing etc .

4. The production increase effect is remarkable,improve the crops quality thoroughly.Uses this product, it can produce seedling intact,root system will be many,plant disease will be few,stem will be strong,forms fruit will be many,promote precocity,long harvest period,high yield and resume natural taste of plant. 

Using method:

1.Mix the product with fertilizer as base fertilizer:Field crops use 2kg per Mu, mix with urea,compound fertilizer applicator(cover the product with soil as soon as possible after broadcasting),can be appropriate to reduce the use of chemical ingredients.

2.Fruit trees, and other high yield economic crops use 4-6kg per Mu. Put the product around the deep roots and cover with soil.