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Biological Organic Fertilizer

Products:Biological Organic FertilizerTALIDO Biological organic fertilizer [watering]
TALIDO Biological organic fertilizer [watering]

TALIDO Organic Fertilizer:

This product uses the newest creative advanced science and technology,take the micro ecology biotransformation as core, merges the strong effect factor,implants the strong high-activity biology enzyme,stimulates the activeness of vegetable cell, inducts activity of the fine gene, resists the invade of any kind of disease, the power is strong and lasting, the fertilizer effectiveness may do help to the next crops. 


1.Power strong,effect lasting:Uses this product,may show the fast-acting fuction of the inorganic fertilizer, the long time effect of the organic fertilizer,and the high-activity of the biological fertilizer.This product has many kinds of organized enzyme,the cellulose decomposition enzyme can accelerate the soil Organic matter’s circulation and decomposition,as will as the release of nitrogen,phosphorus,potassium and other nutritive elements.The factor of fix-nitrogen,solute-potassium and solute-Phosphorus has strong effect,light synthase enormous promote the plant photosynthesis,the fertilizer’s using obviously enhances.

2.Suppresses plant disease’s occurrence,anti-continuous cropping,improve soil ecological environment.Uses this product,under the huge biological activity enzyme,it can suppress the hatching of the ovum;it has remarkable function on suppressing root rot,wilt disease etc.reducing the continuous cropping’s occurrence,degrades the chemical material in the soil.

3.Eliminates hardens,free soil,to exempt the deep plowing.Uses this product will have good ionic exchange and adjust soil PH value,improve soil structure,get special effect such as ventilation,keep fertilizer,keep water,heat preservation,drought resisting,cold resistant,exempt the deep plowing etc.

4.The production increase effect is remarkable,improves the crops quality thoroughly.Uses this product,will get effect within 3 days,root system will be many,plant disease will be few,stem will be strong,forms fruit will be quick and many.The fruit will bright in color,beautiful in shape,stand storage and transport,goes on market 7-10 days ahead,extense the fruit time for 20-40 days.Use with the Ji dong li su fluid fertilizer will reduce 70% agricultural chemicals expense,and much improve the crops quality and commodity rank.Increase benefit is wery well. 

Using method:

1. Water flush: Used in melons and vegetables crops, Water flush every 10-15 days. Using 2kg per mu.(an acre land=6.07mu).

2. Dipping root: Used JI DONG LI .SU Fertilizer to add 5 times of water into paste, the transplanting plants need to be dipped in with the roots on JI DONG LI .SU fertilizer, to avoid direct sunlight, as soon as possible into the soil, And then cover a little soil, immediately poured enough water (do not delay pouring enough water), and then cover soil.

3. Irrigation root: Used JI DONG LI .SU Fertilizer to add 100 times of clean water, pulled out of a part of the crop root soil, directly irrigated JI DONG LI .SU Fertilizer and suspension to reach the root,then cover soil.

4. Fruit trees and other high yield economic crops, using of 4-6kg per mu, deeply rooted and watering around the roots,then cover soil .